ChildLight Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens with Special Needs Training

 Learn to enrich the lives of teens with a variety of special needs through the practice of yoga.

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Training Description:
Regardless of our challenges, each human being is able to develop greater body awareness, physical and mental strength and an overall improved sense of well being.  Learn how the practice of yoga can benefit teens and up with a range of diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders, Trauma, Anxiety and Depression, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome.  ChildLight Yoga for Teens with Special Needs teaches you how to facilitate group yoga programs and offer private sessions to draw out individual strengths and to challenge your students to reach their full potential.

In this training you will learn:

-Accessible yoga poses that encourage participants to grow at their own pace and develop a sense of pride in their achievements.

- Identify and meet many of the unique challenges a group in this category may provide

- Techniques to manage group dynamics in a variety of settings with changing circumstances.

- Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and calm mind and body.

- Modifications of postures, including use of chairs and props which invite participation of all students in a group.

- Effective methods to encourage cooperation, build community and develop social skills within your group.

- Non threatening hands on assists to support your students.

-Verbal, visual and physical cues to assist students in following instructions.

-A variety of resources to draw from when creating your lesson plans.

-The relevance of trauma informed practices when working with individuals with disabilities.

- Integrate students with disabilities with their support staff or family members to promote cohesiveness within a diverse group.

- Special considerations and best practices for implementing yoga programs for people with special needs in your community.

Note:  While the focus of this training is on leading group classes for students age 13 and up, many of the ideas presented will apply to one on one sessions and when working with younger children with special needs as well.

This program is recommended for:
Yoga teachers, parents, teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers, caregivers and others who work with teens with special needs.

After completion of this training, participants will be prepared to:

- Safely lead a group class for differently-abled individuals
- Identify and meet many of the unique challenges a group in this category may provide
- Implement an effective yoga sequence to build strength, flexibility, focus, stress relief and self esteem
- Successfully integrate a class of developmentally delayed students with their support staff or family members to promote collaboration and cohesiveness within a diverse group.

Training Schedule:
The ChildLight Yoga and Mindfulness for Teens with Special Needs Teacher Training is a 18 hour intensive course. Specific hours will vary based on the availability of the host studio/training location (please check the schedule). There will be breaks for lunch and/or dinner, with local eatery suggestions provided. For those traveling from out of town, some lovely, reasonably-priced lodging suggestions can also be provided - please inquire.

Certification Requirements:
It is not necessary to be a Registered Adult Yoga Teacher (RYT) or complete our 95 hour RCYS program in order to attend our trainings.

Certification is optional and will be discussed at the completion of the training.  There is no additional fee.  

ChildLight Yoga and Mindfulness for Teens with Special Needs Teacher Training Course Includes:
-18 contact hours with optional non-contact hours for certification
-Comprehensive, fully-illustrated Instructor manual
-Certification administration and materials including listing on ChildLight Yoga's Find an Instructor Near You page with location and email contact link (upon optional completion of certification process), membership in the CLY for Teens with Special Needs Instructor community, and 18 contact hours applicable toward the ChildLight Yoga RCYS 95 Hr Program.     

Additional CEUs, PDPs, and Yoga Alliance credit hours:
Registered yoga teachers are eligible for 18 continuing education contact hours and optional non-contact hours through Yoga Alliance. 

Professional Development Points (PDPs) and/or CEUs may also be available through your employer or credentialing organization. As each credentialing organization has their own requirements, you should confirm with them that your training hours will apply toward your degree or continuing education requirements. Application for accreditation from these organizations is your responsibility. Additional fees may be required.

For additional information please visit our FAQ page here.  

Training feedback:
"Very pleased and grateful for Rochelle. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Thank you!"

"I have limited experience working with people with disabilities and I had a lot of fear and anxiety even thinking about teaching a class specifically for teens and adults with disabilities. Watching Rochelle conduct the class and with the materials given, I am a lot more confident in looking at the possibilities."

"This training allows my classes to be more accessible, plus there was information discussed that I can use in my personal life."

"This training made me feel more supported. Also inspired by the community."

"I feel even more motivated towards making yoga accessible to people with developmental challenges."

"Being part of this training is a blessing. It has grown my awareness of the perspectives of others and how important it is to share yoga and make it accessible to all."

"I plan to incorporate more yoga into my work with clients to address IEP and personal goals via yoga. To build strength, confidence and attitude, I would like to add this new skill set to my professional offerings."


Read more from Rochelle Jewell in "Yoga for Children with Special Needs Promotes Connection and So Much More"

To scheduled a public or private ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training at your studio, center or for your group please submit the Host Studio application here.



Upcoming Trainings


PLEASE NOTE: This training will be extended to 24 hours and include all ages in July 2017.  See details here.

Attend this training separately or as part of the 95 Hour Children's Yoga School

Our trainings are also offered privately and for Professional Development. Contact Sally Delisle, Director of ChildLight Yoga Teacher Trainings, to inquire about rates and availability.

Check back soon for upcoming trainings! 

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