Magic of Music Workshop with Kira Willey

Integrating Music and Yoga for Kids

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What improves kids’ focus and concentration, reduces stress, and can be calming as well as energizing? Yes, the answer is YOGA…and it’s also MUSIC! Join Kira Willey, creator of Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids, and learn how the magical combination of the two completely captivates children. You’ll have an absolute blast in this workshop as you learn how to incorporate rhythm and song into your own classes, making them incredibly engaging and fun, and keeping kids running back in the door week after week.

Kira will demonstrate her teaching methods using original music from her three award-winning CDs of kids’ yoga songs, as well as playing live. Come play, move, and sing with Kira--you’ll practice teach using what you've learned, and leave totally inspired, with tons of ideas to incorporate into your kids’ yoga programs right away!

Kira Carly on floorWho should attend:

This training is open to yoga teachers and yoga students who LOVE children, including:

  • preschool - grade 5 educators
  • music teachers
  • physical education and health education teachers
  • school or family counselors
  • child psychologists
  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • physical therapists
  • camp counselors
  • recreation directors
  • pediatricians
  • parents
  • and any others who regularly work with children

kirastageback_copy1Kira will share:

  • how music affects the brain, and what it means for your lesson plans
  • how to use music to calm and focus children
  • how to unify a group with music 
  • how music can aid in-class learning and improve at-home practice
  • tips and techniques to easily incorporate rhythm and song into your classes
  • opportunities for both practice teaching and 'being' the child/student
  • lesson planning/sequencing a class
  • useful resources
  • LIVE music throughout the day!


Training Schedule:

Magic of Music with Kira Willey is a five hour course scheduled between the the CLY Basic Teacher Training and the 34 hour CLY Advanced Teacher Training during the 95 hour program Summer Intensive.  All trainings are open for individual registration.  

There will be a 30 minute break for lunch. Participants are welcome to bring their brown bag or place an order upon arrival in the morning with a local eatery. For those traveling from out of town, information on reasonably-priced lodging suggestions is provided here.    

Magic of Music Includes:
5 contact hours
Original Kira Willey CD
Helpful handouts  

Kira guitar brick wall 4CEUs, PDPs, and Yoga Alliance credit hours:

  • Registered yoga teachers are eligible for continuing education contact hours through Yoga Alliance.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or Professional Development Points (PDPs) may also be available through your employer. As each credentialing organization has their own requirements, you should confirm with them that your training hours will apply toward your degree or continuing education requirements. Application for accreditation from these organizations is your responsibility. Additional fees may be required.


Learn more about Kira Willey here!    

Testimonials and Awards:

Praise for Kira’s newest CD, Mindful Moments for Kids:
"Willey's warm and simple voiceover instructions, set to the backing of her original and exquisite instrumentals, ask listeners to use their imaginations to visualize themselves as bumblebees, clouds, and rain. Asking children to blow out a candle, or cool off a cup of hot chocolate, Willey's gentle instruction opens the way for children to physically get in touch with their feelings, harness their energy, release anxiety, and develop self-awareness and compassion. In a world that moves excessively fast, these are simple and effective one-minute excuses for children and their parents to slow down and focus on what is important, before carrying on with the rest of their busy day.”
~Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award Review

"Kira's calm voice captivates our students, and her kid-friendly imagery helps kids focus and self-regulate. The exercises in 'Mindful Moments for Kids' make them feel content, safe, and connected to their classmates, and the positive messages coordinate with concepts we are teaching the youngest of students.”
~Nicole Keane, school counselor, Walnut Ridge Primary School   

"Every household with small children needs this CD!” 
~Creative Mom Blog

“Mindful Moments for Kids is a wonderful way to ease young people (or novice adults!) into the benefits of simple meditation. Highly recommended.” 
~Children's Bookwatch: December 2015

“Kira has the confidence from years of experience and tried-and-true technique and is delighted to share these meditations, whether families choose to use them in the home or on the road. The bonus song ‘Just Be’ is an anthem for meditation.”
~Mr. Jeff 2000, New York City dad blog

"Mindful Moments is an amazing collection of minute-long exercises to relax and calm your mind and body. The kiddos are obsessed with these moments and they are fantastic for winter days.”
~Mommy Makes Time 

“The most integrated and inclusive collection for children that I can remember listening excellent tool for growing your children.” 
~School News Roll Call 

Praise for Kira’s CDs of Kids’ Yoga Songs:
"Sweet-voiced Kira Willey will enchant audiences of all ages!”
~Pop Culture Classics 

"Kira’s vocal and musical style makes you smile inside...listen to the lyrics and you will hear many great built-in self-affirmations, positive social interactions & messages of taking care of our world!” 
~OMazing Kids

"Awesomely crafted pop songs that will keep you in the clouds.” 
~Tim Arem, T-Bone’s Radio Active Kids on

“Willey’s approach to songwriting and her passion to encourage kids (and grown-ups) to find beauty in themselves is ever-present.”
~Kids Can Groove

“Kira’s music is fun but it is also deep, in a way that is comforting and validating for children. It reminds us that children can have reverence for nature, or have big feelings about missing their daddies, or just need to hop around!”
~Study at Home Mama

“The music is simple happy and free.”
~Creative Mom Blog 

“Full of catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and sweet vocals.”
~I’m No Domestic Goddess Blog

“A wonderful collection of magical music for kids that will make them (and you!) feel good deep down inside.”

 “Kira’s music stands perfectly well on its own, no pose required. Come for the yoga, perhaps, but stay for the music.”

Music Industry Awards:
Dance for the Sun: Parents’ Choice Award, two Children’s Music Web Awards, JPF Award for Best Children’s Song: “Colors"
Kings & Queens of the Forest: Independent Music Award for Best Children’s Song: "Roller Coaster," Parents’ Choice Award, Vox Pop Award for Best Children’s Album 
How to be a Cloud: Parents’ Choice GOLD Award. In heavy rotation on Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live
Mindful Moments for Kids: Parents’ Choice GOLD Award. In heavy rotation on Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live

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Upcoming Trainings


ChildLight Yoga Studio

Date: July 13, 2016
Time: Wednesday
9:00 am-2:00 pm
Note: This one-day training is offered during the
95 hour Children's Yoga School
2016 Summer Intensive 
conveniently scheduled between the ChildLight Yoga Basic Training and ChildLight Yoga
Advanced Training with CLY in Schools

Tuition: $149/$169; Register by June 15th to receive early bird pricing! 

Workshop includes materials, lesson plans, and a
Kira Willey CD!

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"Kira makes it so simple for me and my children to do yoga together."

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