My OmAbilities Yoga for Kids & Teens

for children with autism & other special needs - Group classes and private class available

Group Classes for kids and teens with special needs, their family members and friends!

My OmAbilities Yoga for Kids with Autism and other Special Needs is an accessible program designed to meet each child exactly where he or she is.  Students living with Autism, ASD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy as well as many other diagnoses are welcome in the class.

We will practice yoga, incorporating gentle movement and breathing exercises to improve motor skills, facilitate relaxation, improve focus, reduce anxiety and encourage self regulation.  Care Providers are invited to participate in the class to both receive the benefits of yoga and to learn techniques to better support their children. Classes remain inclusive, while catering to the special considerations of students with diagnoses or challenges.
What to expect in a My OmAbilities Yoga class:
  • An accessible program designed to meet each child exactly where he or she is
  • Students with Autism, ASD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy all in the same class
  • Movement, held poses and simple breathing exercises
  • Quiet music to relax, but minimize sensory overload
  • Gentle and repetitive cues to allow student to "get it"
  • To feel welcome and accepted
  • Care Providers participate in the class

Why My OmAbilities Yoga for Special Needs?

Yoga can help:

•   Develop gross and fine motor skills
•   Improve balance and gait
•   Improve flexibility
•   Develop core strength
•   Reduce muscle spasticity
•   Improve respiration
•   Improve digestion
•   Improve sensory integration
•   Increase self confidence
•   Develop social skills
•   Encourage leadership skills
•   Cultivate opportunities for calm
•   Reduce Anxiety
•   Improve self regulation
•   Create connection
•   Provide ritual and order
•   Alleviate depression

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Private Classes

There are many cases where a private yoga session proves preferable to a group setting. Some children, teens and adults will special needs are overwhelmed by groups or new situations. Several private sessions may help transition these students eventually to a group class. A private class may also benefit a student with significant physical limitations. These sessions can be especially helpful to teach caregivers how to provide yoga assistance at home. Perhaps you require instruction on exercises to address specific issues such as anxiety, sleeplessness or disruptive behavior? We have so many resources to explore. Rochelle Jewell will work with you and/or your child to develop an appropriate program to suit your needs.

Please call Rochelle @ 603-512-4516 or email for a consultation.



Upcoming Classes


Please call Rochelle at 603-512-4516 or email for an initial consultation to register.

Rochelle will gladly work with you to determine what class would best meet your child's needs.


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