Written by Sally Delisle

As you enter Walk in Love

At the center Be Still

When you return Go in Peace




1.     Leave all electronics turned off and outside of the room.

2.     Remove your shoes.

3.     Once you enter the space there is absolutely NO talking. 

4.     Pause at the entrance to the labyrinth before you start and consider asking a question, holding a person in your heart or mind (including yourself), or setting an intention. 

5.     What happens if you run quickly in circles?  You get dizzy!  Walk slowly, looking at your feet.

6.     If you encounter another person on the path you may make eye contact but it is not necessary.  One of you can step to the side allowing the other to pass. 

7.     Don’t worry.  You are not taking too long and you are not lost. 

8.     Pause in the center for as long as you wish. 

9.     As you exit, turn around to acknowledge the journey you just took.  You may choose to kneel down or bow in gratitude.  You are welcome to stay until you feel ready to leave. 





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