Prenatal Yoga

Open to women in any stage of pregnancy. All levels.


prenatalcroppedAs your body changes in preparation for birth, prenatal yoga helps you to focus on your body and new baby in a deeper way. As we move through postures and breath work you will feel more confident and comfortable in your body. Classes will focus on easing the discomforts, aches, and fatigue caused by pregnancy. Also on strengthening muscles and working with the breath to calm the body and build a foundation of focused breathing for use in labor.


Feel good, safe, connected and at home in your ever changing body, and build a support community of women in similar stages of the birthing process. Beginners to yoga will enjoy these gentle classes and experienced practitioners can benefit from slowing down a little and honoring the changes in their body as they connect with other mommies.


For women who are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant and have received the “ok” from their doctor or midwife that it is ok to exercise. Open to women in any stage of pregnancy and any level of yoga practice – even women who have never done yoga before!


Prenatal Yoga benefits for moms-to-be:

  • Relief from common physical discomforts
  • Connect with other moms-to-be
  • Strengthen muscles that will support your growing belly
  • Learn breathing techniques that relax the body and help during labor
  • Increases circulation + reduces swelling, providing more blood flow and oxygen to the baby


What to Bring/Wear:  It is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat to prevent the spread of germs, as well as a water.  Dress for movement. (Yoga mats and water are also available at the studio for purchase.) 

What you're saying:

“Annie Wagoner is absolutely amazing! She is a great mentor and has a wonderfully calming presence among the group. Her class is the best part of my week. Thank you!”   ~ Marissa M.

"It really allowed me the chance to be calm and focus, which has been a bit of a struggle during pregnancy! I feel like the breathing techniques and labor positions I learned will really help me during my delivery." ~ Nikki W.

"Time for myself!  I appreciate the postures, stretches, and focus on the different areas of concern that the group has each week, but also really just enjoy taking the time out of my week to be calm, still, focus on myself and my inside baby." ~ Sara S.

"Prenatal yoga is not only a great workout for while you are pregnant, but it's a great fellowship with other moms.  The pace of the yoga is perfect for the pregnant body." ~ Brittany E.

"Darcy is great!  I took her class with my first pregnancy and was very excited to take them up again with #2!" ~ Sarah S.

"I appreciate the postures, stretches, and focus on different areas of concern that the group has each week, but also really enjoy taking the time out of my week to be calm, still, focus on myself and my inside baby"

"The atmosphere was wonderful! It was lovely taking time to bond with other pregnant ladies as well as my baby and Annie!" ~ A. Avery

"I love connecting with other pregnant women and sharing our triumphs and challenges. I also love and value yoga in my life significantly. Attending prenatal yoga has been the most powerful, rewarding, and FUN experience of my pregnancy so far. I look forward to class each week; it's definitely a weekly highlight." ~ Emma B.

"I love this class! Every week I look forward to coming and just taking some time to relax and forget about all the stressful things in life. Annie makes it so easy to follow what she is doing and making sure she gives an explanation as to what every move will do to help stretch out our bodies and release all the tension we have. The class is always different every week depending on the different parts of the body that most of us need to stretch and I love that she always asks what's bothering us so we can make that one of the target practices for the night. I would recommend this class to any pregnant women out there. The most rewarding thing about this class is 1. that you get to meet so many woman who know exactly how you feel when it comes to pregnancy. it is so important to build relationships with people, but it is nice to have others to relate too. and 2. just being able to take time for myself to relax my mind and body." ~ T. Fiore

"Prenatal yoga is amazing and I am so glad I began attending! It is a much needed break from my crazy life, and I leave feeling so refreshed and calm. It stays with me for the next few days, and physically I never feel better." ~ Heather H.        



Upcoming Classes

$55/4 week session or $15 Drop-In Anytime
Terms and Conditions

MONDAYS 6:15-7:45 PM
Instructor: Rachel Hunt


2019 Dates!!

Jan 7-28

Feb 4-25

Mar 4-25

Apr 1-22

Apr 29-May 20

Jun 3-24


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