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Teen Yoga Network

Founded in 2012 by ChildLight Yoga founder, Lisa Flynn, the Teen Yoga Network is a group of Seacoast Yoga studios offering free or reduced rates to teenagers at some of the classes on their schedules.

“Teens are stressed, busy and often don't have a lot of funds,” Flynn says.  “And most yoga studios, including ours, typically cater to adults and/or kids, with teens sometimes falling through the cracks. As a yoga community, we are trying to make yoga more accessible to them. In doing so, our hope is that more teens will have the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of yoga, ultimately building resilience, self-esteem and the self-regulation skills essential to a positive adolescent experience and lifelong health and wellness. In the end, healthier teens means healthier adults and communities.”

For a list of participating studios and studio-specific details, visit the Teen Yoga Network page, hosted by the Seacoast Area Teachers of Yoga in Action (SATYA) website at