Transformative Life and Leadership Skills (TLS):

A Personal and Professional Development Workshop in Stress Management and Self-Care

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Learn the insights and practices of Transformative Life/Leadership Skills (TLS)—an evidence-based, trauma-informed approach for optimal stress management using accessible, yoga-based movements, breathing techniques, and meditation. TLS is widely viewed as a cost-effective front-line prevention and intervention strategy for physical and behavioral health, education, and violence prevention. This 6 hour personal and professional development workshop combines tools for self-care with skills that can be applied immediately both personally and professionally.

Who should attend:

  • Classroom Teachers, After-School Coordinators or School Administrators
  • Public or Behavioral Health Professionals
  • Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice Officials
  • Corporate Human Resources management responsible for employee sustainability
  • Parents, guardians, adult allies or community partners
  • NGOs focused on health, education, violence prevention

Group Yoga SessionLearning Objectives: The 6-hour workshop will be conducted in two, 3 hour modules. Module I has an internal focus (on the participant), while Module II has an external focus (application for children and youth, as well as colleagues and employees in the workplace). Participants will learn how to employ a powerful 15-minute TLS protocol for themselves, and demonstrate it for those around them.


We will:

  • Explore the scientific basis of TLS in developmental neuroscience and somatic psychology
  • Examine best practices for stress management, stress resilience and optimal response to secondary trauma
  • Discuss TLS as the third wave of integrative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practices (iCBT)
  • Experience TLS as an optimal treatment response for trauma, anxiety, depression, and many common chronic behavioral health conditions

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Explored optimal tools for stress management
  • Learned accessible renewal practices for personal sustainability
  • Learned a 15-minute personal TLS protocol that can be done anytime, anywhere
  • Learned to apply TLS in professional practice

This program is accessible to all; no prior yoga experience is necessary. 

Professional handouts to be provided at the workshop. 

CEUs Available:
For educators: 1 CEU from Cal State East Bay
For mental health professionals: 6 CEUs from Board of Behavior Sciences

For yoga teachers: 6 CE hours through Yoga Alliance

Professional development points/units may also be available through your employer or credentialing organization. It is the participant’s responsibility to investigate this possibility.

Member Of Group Yoga SessionFeedback:

  • "Your wonderfully unique session illuminated so much for us regarding sustainability and finding balance. In a profession where 'self' is one of the first things to go, you renewed for us today the need for us to get ourselves right as a means for serving others."
  • "Helped me! Made me aware of my own feelings and thoughts. Calmed me way down!"
  • "This session was mind-blowing! I believe it has opened the gate to assisting me to find balance in my life."
  • "I really like how it was immediately useful. It can be applied today."
  • "It’s my first time ever to learn about yoga. Now, I have learned something new to use for myself and my clients"
  • "This was absolutely the best session I've ever attended."


Bidyut K. BoseBidyut K. Bose, PhD, founder and Executive Director of Niroga Institute, develops comprehensive and integrated prevention strategies for building healthy communities, and cost-effective architectures for lasting social transformation. He presents TLS at conferences and conducts TLS trainings and workshops nationally.




Danielle AncinDanielle Ancin has been teaching dance and yoga to children and young adults for more than a decade. Her desire to share sustainable, dynamic tools for resilience and positive youth development drives her work, which has included integrating yoga into humanitarian assistance and violence prevention programs in Colombia and teaching yoga classes in communities affected by violence throughout Latin America and in the Bay Area. Danielle has worked with Niroga for the last three years as Program Manager and Yoga Corps instructor in schools and juvenile detention facilities. Her role includes curriculum writing, training teachers and mental health professionals, and supporting research on the effects of Niroga's Transformative Life Skills on youth development.

Jonathan RelucioJonathan Relucio - also a DJ, dancer, and martial artist - has over 15 years of professional experience in social service delivery, youth leadership development, community organizing and nonviolence training.  He is now a Program Manager and Instructor for Niroga helping youth develop self-awareness and self-control.  Jonathan also leads Niroga’s Community Mind Body (COMBO) meetings throughout the East Bay, teaching mindfulness practices for stress management, self-care, and healing from secondary trauma to educators, therapists, activists, and other nonprofit front-line staff.


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